Students who take admission in Junior College, Senior College, Post Graduate Courses, Diploma courses and Certificate Courses become member of the library. Once the admission procedure is complete, library cards are issued to students against the fee receipt at the library counter. Students are asked to fill the required information and get the barcode on the library card. Students can avail library facilities once the barcoded library card is ready. Library cards are valid for one academic year only. Students have to follow the same procedure after the admission process is done every year. In the event of loss, Rs. 25 will be charged for each duplicate library card.

Teaching as well as Non -Teaching Staff members of College and School are eligible to become members of the college Library. To become a member of library, newly appointed staff member needs to produce appointment letter or he /she is required to be introduced in the library by vice principal / senior faculty member of the faculty. A passbook with required contact details is prepared to keep track of issuing/returning of library material.

Guest Membership for students, lecturers and researchers is offered for educational purpose. Please contact in the library for further information.

Past students of the college can avail reading room facility during vacations.

All the members are expected to maintain decorum in the library. This helps us to safeguard the common interest of all users and to enable the Library to carry out its functions as efficiently as possible. Please make note of the following:

  • Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the library premises
  • Conversations, discussions, eating, loud talking etc. in the library premises are strictly forbidden.
  • Readers shall not sub-lend library books to any person.
  • Do not take library material out of the library without following borrowing procedure
  • Make sure to return the borrowed material by the due date
  • Books loaned are liable to be recalled at any time and when recalled, they must be returned immediately to the library.
  • Periodical publications and non book materials will not be issued out of the library until the receipt of the next number.
  • Certain library material like reference sources, rare books, books out of print, current issue of journals and periodicals, books that are heavily in demand, will not be lent out.

We further request all the members to take good care of library material issued from the library

  • Books and other materials are the general property of the college and shall be used with utmost care.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of book before borrowing. Any defect or damage observed should at once be brought to the notice of the assistant on duty.
  • Readers shall not write upon, mark or otherwise disfigure, tear and damage books. The erasure of any mark or writing in a book is strictly prohibited.
  • Borrowers shall be personally responsible for the safe custody and return of the books borrowed from the library.
  • If a library book is lost or found damaged, the borrowers shall replace the book or pay the current price of the book as determined by the Librarian with penalty of 20% of the price of book.