Women’s Development Cell


  • To create an environment that will help women realize their full potential and achieve self-actualization.
  • To build a gender sensitive and inclusive campus
  • To sensitize students towards the special needs of all genders.
  • To develop optimum physical and mental health of students and staff.
  • To provide insights about different kinds of violence: sexual, physical and mental and to further equip them with the knowledge and strength to fight against them.


  1. Dr Asha Menon (Principal)
  2. Dr Rekha Randive (Co-ordinator)
  3. Mr. Sanjay Kanthe (Registrar)
  4. Dr Madhumita Bandyopadhyay (Teacher, Member)
  5. Dr Shobha Bharat (Teacher, Member)
  6. Dr Vinod Zalte (Teacher, Member)
  7. Dr. Nimisha Kambli (Teacher, Member)
  8. Adv. Manjiri Kulkarni (Advocate, Member)
  9. Ms. Meenakshi Kondary (Non-Teaching Staff, Member)

Activities Conducted in the year 2021-22
Women Development cell organized following series of webinars on Indian Feminism Through the Ages

  • Webinar 1
    Date: 23rd December 2021
    Inaugural address by Honorable Vice-Chancellor Professor Ujwala Chakradev.
    Keynote address on the topic Herstory of Feminism by eminent speaker: Prof. Vibhuti Patel
  • Webinar 2
    Date: January 10, 2021
    Topic: Expressions of Feminism in Therigatha – Poems by Buddhist Nuns
    Resource Person: Dr Uma Chakravarti
  • Webinar 3
    Date: February 09, 2022
    Topic: Indian Feminism through Women’s Movement Songs
    Resource Person: Dr Lata Pratibha Madhukar
  • Webinar 4
    Date: February 16, 2022
    Topic: In Search of our Past: Roots of Feminist Consciousness among the women in Bhakti movement
    Resource Person: Dr Anagha Tambe
  • Webinar 5
    Date: February 19, 2022
    Topic: Stree Purush Tulana: Life and Times of a Feminist Text
    Resource Person: Dr Sneha Gole
  • Webinar 6
    Date: February 22, 2022
    Topic: Ismat Chughtai’s Feminist Perspective on literature and Activism
    Resource Person: Dr Arvinder Ansari
  • Webinar 7
    Date: February 28, 2022 Topic: Public Spaces and a politics of gendered visibility in 21st century India Resource Person: Dr Shilpa Phadke
  • Webinar 8
    Date: March 8, 2022 Topic: Women Rights and Legal Advocacy in India Resource person: Adv. Flavia Agnes
  • Valedictory session
    Date: March 8, 2022
    Resource Person: Prof. Sonali Rode, Joint Director Higher Education, Mumbai