FY Admission
SENIOR Admission
SENIOR Admission
swadhar Admission
  • Biology Lab - spn doshi college
  • Chemistry Lab - spn doshi college
  • Fashion Designing Lab - spn doshi college
  • Interior Designing Lab - spn doshi college


  • Bhanuben Laxmidas Shah Chemistry Laboratory
  • M. B. Attarwala Trust Biology Laboratory
  • Kevalchand A. Sheth Physics Laboratory
  • Manilal N. Parekh Psychology Laboratory
  • Post Graduate Psychology Laboratory
  • Kashiben U. Mehta Food Science Laboratory
  • Nandakunwar L. Kothari Textile and Laundry Laboratory
  • Gulabben J. Kothari Clothing Laboratory
  • Typing Laboratory
  • Fashion Designing Laboratory
  • Interior Designing Laboratory
  • Creative Arts Laboratory
  • J. D. Sanghavi Multi-Media Laboratory

Auditorium / Conference Rooms

  • Smt. Rewakunwar Shivlal Desai Auditorium
  • Bhagwandas S. Boda Community Hall
  • Jagmohandas B. Boda Mini-conference Room
  • Harkisan T. Metha Conference Hall
  • Matushri Diwaliben M. Mehta Charitable Trust Audio Visual Room

Fitness Center (GYM)
A new Fitness Center with state-of-art equipment has been established. In house students can become members of the gym at nominal rates.

  • Computer Lab - spn doshi college

Computer Laboratories
There are four well-equipped air conditioned laboratories with top end computers having Internet connectivity.

  • Sheth Gopalji Devchand Charitable Trust Computer Laboratory
  • Sadguru College Computer Laboratory
  • Smt. Pranaybala Koticha Internet Centre
  • Shri Kirtilal D. Parikh Trust Computer Laboratory
  • Louise & Bruce Miller Computer Centre

Beauty Care Center
Beauty care center provides all the basic beauty treatments at nominal rates for in-house students and staff.

A subsidized canteen is run in the campus, where healthy and hygienic food is served.

Procedures and Policies For Maintaining And Utilizing Physical, Academic and Support Facilities - Click Here