Research Policy of the Institution
Patents Published
Name of the Patentee Title of the Patent Year Place
Dr.Santosh Vadhrya Analysis of Capital Structure Its Determinants in Various Indian Companies 2021 India
Dr.Santosh Vadhrya Execution of Green Supply Chain Management Analysis 2021 India
Mr. Raju Chauhan Analysis of Capital Structure Its Determinants in Various Indian Companies 2021 India
Mr. Raju Chauhan Execution of Green Supply Chain Management Analysis 2021 India
Dr. Nilesh Mhatre An IOT Based Healthcare Management Information System 2021 Australia
Dr. Shaili Gala Enterprise Financial Risk Exposure Management System 2022 India
Dr. Vinod Zalte Developing Communication Skills 2022 India
Dr. Vinod Zalte The Women Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment 2022 India
Dr. SachinBhumbe Developing Communication Skills 2022 India
Ms. Nidhi Dattani Green Human Resource Management Practices Framework for Healthcare Organizations under Stressful Covid-19 2022 India
Dr. Asha Menon System and Method for Mediating Effect of Stress Management Among Employees in Information Technology Sector 2023 India

Research Area / Topic
Ph.D (Completed)
Dr. Aarti Vyas Varma Pre and Post recession analysis of performance with special reference to gold loan companies in Thane region
Dr. Nimisha Kambli Consciousness, Subjectivity, Abstraction of Time: Phenomenological Investigation of Selected Novels by Kurt Vonnegut, John Fowels and Umberto Eco
Dr. Sachin Bhumbe Malevolence of Caste Tyranny and Struggle for Central Locus: A Study of Selected Dalit Autobiography Click here to view
Dr. Rekha Randive Characterization Study of INDION GS 300 (Nuclear Grade) and INDION FF-IP (Non-Nuclear Grade) ANION Exchange Resins
Dr. Vinod Zalte Eco-spirituality in the Novels of Louise Erdrich
Dr. Shaili Gala A Study of Value Creation through Knowledge Management Practices with Reference to Higher Education Institutions in Mumbai
Dr. Kavita Nikam Work Life Balance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior as Concomitants of Organizational Ethics and Values: A Study of IT Sector Professionals Click here to view
Dr. Shivaji Methe A Psychological Analysis of the Protagonists of Shashi Deshpande
Dr. Shobha Bharat Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Pre-Adolescence as a Function of Parenting Styles Click here to view
Dr. Veena Shete A Study of Working Conditions of Teachers in Self Financing Courses in Higher Education Institution in Mumbai Click here to view
Dr. Manisha Parelkar Comprehension of Nutrition Messages in Labeling and Their Effects on Consumer Behaviour Click here to view
Dr. Geeta Jadhav Swatantryottar Marathi Natkatil Nayakache Swaroop (1947-1990 Ya Kalkhandatil Nivdak Natkanchya Aadhare) Click here to view
Dr. Suchita Bhovar A Study of ICT Applications in Cooperative banks in Mumbai Click here to view
Dr. Savita Chavan Crystallizing Heteroglossia, Hybridization and Double Consciousness in select native American Narratives Click here to view
Dr. Madhuri Vaidya Generativity, Resilience and Mindfulness : Psychological Correlates of Physical health and Subjective wellbeing among Young Elderly
Dr. Purvy Karia Impact of Social Media Marketing of Skin Care Cosmetics on Consumer Decision Making Process – a study of Mumbai City Click here to view
Dr. Amrita Behel Association of Dietary Nutrient Patterns, Body Composition, Lifestyle and Age at Menarche of urban school-going girls
Ph.D (Ongoing)
Mr. Meet Shinde A Psychological Exploration of the Non-Dalits’ Scheme of Dalits and the Dalits Urban Experiences of Caste based Discrimination: A Grounded Theory Based Enquiry
Mr. Raju Chauhan A study of commuters’ preference and satisfaction towards passenger road transport services.

Minor Research Project (Completed)
Dr. Ritu Bhatia A study of the Perceptions of Adolescents Regarding Reproductive and Sexual Health

Research Awards:
Research awards received by the faculty
Name of the faculty member Research Awards and Recognition Received
Dr. Madhumita Bandopadhyaya Awarded first prize for Paper titled “The Two Competitors: Maritime Trade on Western Coast and BB &CI Railway (1864-1874)” in Young Researcher category at the 8thDr.Manikamerkar Memorial Seminar on August 1, 2015
Dr. Asha Menon Received first prize for oral presentation on topic “Perception Of Happiness Among Under Privileged Early Adolescent Girls” at 3rd International Conference on Public Mental Health and Neurosciences , Bengaluru Co-organised by department of Human Development , of our College the December 14-15, 2016.
 Dr. Shaili Gala Received Best Paper Award for her research paper , “Use of Digital Technology in Business, Financial services and Education systems: Challenges & Opportunities” in an International conference held in Sewa Sadan College, Ulhasnagar on February 10,2018.

Seminar/Workshops conducted by the institution during the year 2021-2022

Name of the workshop/ seminar Dates
Series of Webinars on 'Indian Feminism Through the Ages' December 23, 2021 to March 08, 2022
Workshop on 'How to use Smart Studio Classrooms' October 25, 2021
One Week Online Faculty Development Programme on 'Teaching-Learning Digital Skills in 21st Century' July 26, 2022 to August, 01, 2022
One Day National Webinar on ‘Paperless Office and Green Campus Initiatives’ June 05, 2021
One Day Workshop on ‘Office Automation’ September 24, 2021
One Week Workshop on ‘Teacher Training in Mental Health Literacy’ October 04, to 09, 2021
National Webinar on ‘Vision NEP-2020-Outlining Horizons for Equitable and Inclusive Education’ October 07, 2021
Two Days Workshop on ‘Mapping of POs, PSOs and COs’ and ‘Measuring levels of attainment of POs, PSOs and COs’ December 20 to 24, 2021
IOT Workshop cum Certificate Course May 04 to 25, 2022

Webinars/Workshops conducted during the year 2022-2023

Name of the workshop/ seminar Dates
Shubha Acharya, Head and Associate Professor, Department of English, Shri M. D. Shah Mahila College, Malad, Mumbai October 14, 2022
Webinar on ‘Financial Independence’ on the occasion of Azadika Amrut Mahotsav in collaboration with Department of Management Studies and National Stock Exchange for students of M. Com II. Mr. Yuvrajsinh Desai (Stock Broker) was the resource person. July 25, 2022
Webinar on ‘Climate Change’ organized by Department of Communication & Journalism, the University of Mumbai along with UNICEF November 18, 2022 November 18, 2022
Workshop of 21 days of Meditation- ‘Living Lively- Getting Unstuck Creating a Limitless Life’ by Youth Avenue of Rotary Club of Mumbai, Ghatkopar November 14 to December 04, 2022 November 14 to December 04, 2022
Webinar on ‘Investor Awareness and the Role of Regulators’ in collaboration with the Post Graduate Department of Commerce of our college and the National Stock Exchange and Board of Industry-Academia October 14, 2022
Workshop on Self Defense ‘Mission Aatmaraksha’ for all the third-year students and NCC Cadets across the department. National Kickboxing Champion Mr. Sahil Baperkar and Mr. Atharva Bagwe were the resource persons. July 20, 2022
National Webinar on ‘Journey of Early Childhood Education in India’ organized in collaboration with Association for Early Childhood Education and Development to commemorate Azadika Amrut Mahotsav. The resource persons were Prof. Anubha Rajesh, Professor, Centre for Early Childhood Development and Research, Jamia Millia Islamia, Prof. SunitiSanwal, Head of The Department, Elementary Education, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Dr Vrinda Datta, President, AECED. The Webinar had 480 participants. August 13, 2022
Webinar on ‘Financial Independence’ to commemorate ‘Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav, 2022’ in collaboration with SmtDevilaben Mehta Department of PG studies (M. Com) of our college along with BSE. Mr. Yuvraj Singh Desai was the resource person. July 25, 2022
Organized an Expert Talk on 'Prevention and Dealing with Sexual Harassment' by Advocate Vishal Saxena, for Second Year Under Graduate Students July 21, 2022

Paper Presentations / Publications

Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Year of publication ISSN number Impact Factor
A Study On Consumer Perception Towards Online Food Ordering with special reference to Swiggy" Dr. Purvy Karia (MCom) "Kalasarovar Vol. 24- No. 3 (2021) UGC Care Listed" 2021 0975-4520  
Readiness and Attitude of Parents towards COVID -19 Vaccine Acceptance for their Children: A Study with Reference to Mumbra Region Dr. Aarti Varma (Accountancy) International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT) Volume 10, Issue 1(2021) 2021 2581-9429 5.731
Understanding Migration with Respect to Migrant Labourer in Mumbai Region International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT) Volume 10, Issue 1(2021) 2021 2581-9429 5.731
An Examination of India-South Korea Bilateral Investment Relations Dr. Nilesh Mhatre (Economics) International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology (IJARSCT) Volume 10, Issue 1(2021) 2021 2581-9429 5.731
Subjective Wellbeing and Mindfulness as Concomitants of Physical Health among Older Adults in India Ms. Madhuri Vaidya (Psychology) Stechnolock Public Health & Research (2021) 2021    
Reflection of Colonial Interest of Father of Indian Railways

Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay

Educreator Research Journal Bol IX, Issue III (2021) 2021 P-2455-0515 E- 2394-8450 7.717
Marketing Strategies Adopted by the Financial Institutions Mr. Raju Chauhan (Commerce) Anvesak A Bi-Annual Journal
Vol 51, No. 2 (XIII)
UGC Care Group 1(2021)
2021 0378-4568 6.2
Marketing Strategies Adopted by the Financial Institutions Dr. Santosh Vadhrya (Commerce) Anvesak A Bi-Annual Journal
Vol 51, No. 2 (XIII)
UGC Care Group 1 (2021)
2021 0378-4568 6.2
Understanding Convenience & Satisfaction Level of OTT Platform Audience in Mumbai City Asian Journal of Organic & Medicinal Chemistry
Vol 6, No. 4
UGC Care Approved Journal (2021)
2021 2456-8937  
An impact of terrorism on trade and GDP
growth with special reference to SAARC
Dr. Nilesh Mhatre (Economics) International Journal of Health Sciences, 6(S1) (2022) 2022 5845–5858  
The Agony of a Mughal Princess: A Peep into the Diary of Jahan Ara

Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay

Peer Reviewed Refereed
and UGC Listed Journal
Journal No. 47023
Vol X, Issue II (2022)
2022 2319-8508 6.495
Management System of Bombay Baroda Central India Railway Company: Deterrents and Debacles CLIO UGC Care Listed Journal
Vol-11, No-1(2022)
2022 0976-075X 5.6
Protests and Strikes Trends in Labour Movement in the Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway Company (1850-1870) Anvesak
Vol 52, No. 5
UGC Care Group 1(2022)
2022 0378-4568  
Factors Influencing Green Purchase Behaviour of Millennials in India Mr. Raju Chauhan (Commerce) NIU International Journal of Human Rights
Vol 9 (I)
UGC Care Group 1(2022)
2022 2394-0298 4.7
Factors Influencing Green Purchase Behaviour of Millennials in India Dr.Santosh Vadhrya (Commerce) NIU International Journal of Human Rights
Vol 9 (I)
UGC Care Group 1 (2022)
2022 2394-0298 4.7
Understanding The Perception of Home-Science Students Towards Research Ms. Nidhi Dattani (Resource Management) Journal of Education: Rabindra Bharati University
Vol.: XXIII, No.:12
UGC CARE Approved, Peer Reviewed and Referred Journal (2022)
2022 0972-7175  
Financial Literacy among the Youth: The First Step to Financial Independence Dr. Shaili Gala (Accountancy) IJCRT - International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (2022) 2022 2320-2883 8.97
Impact of COVID-19 on the Economic Conditions of the Clerical & Administratice Staff and Peons - Salaried Class of the Service Sector in Mumbai IJCRT - International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (2022) 2022 2320-2882 7.97
A study on Psychological Effect of Makeup on Self-perception of Women Ms. Sunalee Doshi (Resource Management) Journal of Education- Rabindra Bharati University
Vol. XXIII,NO :12,2022, 92-100 (2022)
2022 0972-7175  
Gujarati Dalit Sahitya no udhbhav and Angaliyat Navalkatha Dr. Manjula Chheda (Gujarati) Royal - An International Multidisciplinary Half Yearly Research Journal
Vol. XI, Issue I (2022)
Peer Reviewed Referred and UGC Listed Journal
Journal Np. 47037
2022 2278-8158 5.972
A Literary Discourse Analysis of ‘Wings of Fire’: Modern Indian English Writing Perspective in Purana Dr. SachinBhumbe UGC Care Listed Group I, Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal, Vol LXV, Issue 1, No 10 2022 0555-7860 4.9
Literature Review on English As A Second Language in a Multicultural Classroom Dr. Vinod Zalte SCOPUS journal of Positive School of Psychology 2022 -- --
Traces of Existentialism in An Outcast of the Island Dr. Vinod Zalte AMIERJ, VOL-IX, Issue-IV 2022 -- --
Acharya Hazariprasad Dwivediki Samiksha Drishti Dr. Vedprakash Dubey Hindi's international research journal Sahitya Samvad 2022 2347-6796 --
Management System of Bombay Baroda Central India Railway Company: Deterrents and Debacles Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay Clio: An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History,Volume 11, Number 01, UGC Care Approved, International Indexed and Peer Reviewed, Referred Journal 2022 0976-075X 5.60
Protests and Strikes: Trends in the Labour Movement on the Bombay Baroda Central India Railway Company Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay UGC Care Group I Journal‘Anvesak: A bi-annual Journal’ Vol.52, No.5(II) 2022 0378-4568 --
The Idea of Internationalism: A Nationalist Interpretation of Indian History by Benoy Kumar Sarkar Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay Ajanta, International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal, Peer Reviewed Refereed and UGC Listed (Journal No.40776) 2022 2277-5730 6.30
Gujarati Dalit ShityanoUdbhavaneangaliyatNavalkatha Dr.Manjula Chheda International Multidisciplinary Research Journal (Royal), Vol 11(1), Peer reviewed UGC listed journal, 2022 -- --
Impact of Covid-19 on the Economic Conditions of the Clerical & Administrative Staff and Peons - Salaried Class of the Service Sector in Mumbai Dr. Shaili Gala International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts, Peer reviewed, referred journal, Volume 10, Issue 8, UGC Approved Journal No: 49023 2022 2320-2882 7.97
‘Building Core Resilience in Times of Despair: A Guide to Moving Forward Dr. Asha Menon Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (An International Scholarly Open Access Journal, Peer-reviewed, Refereed Journal) Volume 9, Issue 7, UGCApproved Journal no 63975 2022 2349-5162 7.95
A study to Instil Values in Preschool Children Through Classroom and Follow up Activities Dr. Ritu Bhatia Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR), Refereed Peer reviewed Journal, UGC No (63975), Volume 9, Issue 7 2022 ISSN: 2349-5162 e-ISSN: 2349-5162 7.95
Food Additives and How safe are Colour Additives Ms. BijalLalan Nutrition Insights 2022 -- --
Health Preventive and Curative Effect of Golden Spice Ms. BijalLalan International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal Ajanta, April – June 2022, Volume 9 (2) 2022 -- --
A Study on Psychological Effect of Makeup on Self-Perception of Women Ms. Sunalee Doshi UGC Care Listed - Journal of Education, Vol XIII, No. 12 2022 0972-7175 --
Understanding the Perception of Home-Science Students Towards Research Ms. Nidhi Dattani UGC Care Listed - Journal of Education, Vol XIII, No. 12 2022 0972-7175 --
Unfolding The Multifaceted Exploitation of Low - Caste Women: Reading of Kishor Kale's Against All Odds Dr. Sachin Bhumbe International Journal of Advance & Applied Research Vol 2, Issue 8 2022 ISSN – 2347-7075
Faculty & Research: The Gap Dr. Vinod Zalte Korea Review of International Studies Vol 15, Special Issue 2 2022 ISSN - 1226-4741


Name of the teacher Title of the book/chapters  published Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number of the proceeding Name of the publisher
Dr. Vinod Zalte Text Book entitled 'Business Communication' 2022 ISBN - 978-93-94002-94-4 Scientific International Publishing House
‘Developing Communication Skills’ 2022 ISBN 978-93-95978-04-0 Alpha International Publication (AIP)
Dr. Manjula Chheda Lekh Sanchay : Urmi Desai 2022 ISBN: 978–93–90858–76–7 Navbharat Sahitya Mandir

Publication of Research Imprints (Special Edition: Students’ Research): Volume V;2021- 22. The Issue included 23 papers from areas of Psychology, Commerce, Languages, Human development,Food Science and Nutrition and Resource Management mentored by Faculty members. Most papers were presented by Undergraduate students at various Intercollegiate Research Competitions held in the Institute and were reviewed by external experts in the subject domain. The editorial committee included a student editor, Ms. Mansi Dumbre from TYBCA.

Dr. Asha Menon – Research Fellowship granted for Project Proposal titled ‘Teaching Resilience in Adolescent School Children and Fostering Resilient Learners’ by Rotary Club of Ghatkopar.

Staff Study Circle Activities:
STEP (Super Thirty Empowerment Programme): An Awarding Winning BEQUET presentation and how it led to a Paper Publication was presented by Dr. Asha Menon, Ms. Madhuri Vaidya, DrSuchetaBhovar, Dr VeenaSheteonJune 18, 2022.Ms. Madhuri Vaidya shared information about the significance of the BEQET competition which is organized by NCQM (National Centre for quality Management). She introduced the Super Thirty Program by stating the objectives and details of the project. Dr. SuchitaBhovar elaborated on the tools applied, causes and effects through Ishikawa Fishbone diagram and shortlisted solutions which were presented in the NCQM format. Dr. Asha Menon elaborated methodology and results. She concluded that ordinary students may achieve extraordinary output due to the intervention based on the pre and post-test values Dr. VeenaShete concluded by sharing the tangible and intangible benefits of the project. The session ended with a question-answer and discussion.

‘Accessing Educational Resources through Smt. P. N. Doshi Women’s College website’. The session was conducted by Mrs. Ketaki Deshpande, Librarian on August 6, 2022. The objectives of the session were to orient teachers about the compilation of e-resources available on the Institute’s website and how to access subscribed and open resources. A total of 44 faculty members and students attended the session Librarian shared the subscribed and open resources available on the Institution’s website. She explained the various sections giving information about the library and its resources. The usernames and passwords were shared with participants.

Students’ Research:


December 2022

DATES: 10TH, 12TH & 13TH DECEMBER 2022

VENUE AND HOST- R.D.& S.H. National College

The 30th International Economic convention held under the aegis of HSNC Board is an annual flagship event held which addresses compelling global economic issues and challenges. There were 8 participant colleges including an international participant- University of Bulgaria. The theme of the convention was “Exploring the Changing Dynamics of the Economies through Digitalization”. Each college was assigned a country for the purpose of study. Smt. P. N Doshi College was assigned the country of Bangladesh.

Team Smt. P. N Doshi Women’s College had the following participants:

    1. Ms. Vinita Shrimali (TYBMS)
    2. Ms. Aditi Mithbawkar (TYBMS)
    3. Ms. Sakshi Khatavkar (TYBMS)
    4. Ms. Christina Samuel (SYBMS)
    5. Ms. Avni Pandya (SYBA)
    6. Ms. VaishnaviV ishwakarma (SYBA)

The faculty co-ordinators were:

    1. Ms. Malti Singh
    2. Dr. Arti Vyas Varma

A comprehensive 35-page research report was made by our research team. The report was titled “Digital Bangladesh- Changing Dynamic in the field of E-Commerce and E-Healthcare”. (A study based on consumer perception). Our college won the first runner up prize. Ms. Vinita Shrimali won the best speaker and contributor award.



Urjita 2023 was organized on the February 04, 2023 by the Faculty of Home Science. This was the 7th successful year of “Urjita” an Intercollegiate research competition for Undergraduate students from the background of Home Science and Home Economics. The objectives of the competitions are to provide a platform for young undergraduate students to the development of a spirit of inquiry, understand the research process, enhance presentation skills and share their knowledge with peers from the fraternity. Geriatric health and various needs associated with it, is a calling for all of us who would like to make the world a better place for older adults, families, friends, communities & the nation as whole. As we age, we make decisions about our retirement plans, hobbies, healthcare, and way of life. Therefore, the theme for this year was “Landscapes of Ageing: Obstacles & Potential”. Keeping this as the theme for our annual research competition, we tried to understand these challenges in greater depth and also sensitizing the younger generation to these needs.

A total of 12 research papers from three colleges SVT College of Home Science Juhu, Dr. BMN college of Home Science, S.M.R.K.-B.K.-A.K. MahilaMahavidyalaya, Nashik along with Smt. P N Doshi women’s college, Ghatkopar were presented. All the teams presented well and set higher benchmarks. The Winning teams were honored with Prize money and Certificates of participation. The winning research papers “Urjita 23” are as follows:

First Prize Paper code: I Title: “The prevalence of Hypertension among the elderly population in India” Paper presenters:

    1. Khushi Jariwala
    2. Gargi Kudale
    3. Khushi Gupta
    4. Mitali Raval Mentor:

Dr. Rekha Battalwar College: SVT College of Home Science, Juhu

Second Prize Paper code: G Title: “A study on Perception of senior citizens of Mumbai city towards usage of digital technology.” Paper presenters:

    1. Khan Faiza Bano
    2. Sayyed Sarah
    3. MansooriAlshifa Mentor:

Dr Ritu Bhatia College: Smt P N Doshi women's college, Ghatkopar.

Third Prize Paper code: A Title: “Chrononutrition: Correlation of Meal Timing, Sleep and Micronutrient Intake in the Geriatric Group Paper presenters:

    1. Ummehani Hathiyari
    2. Khushi Jaiswal
    3. Sharvari Mhatre
    4. Bushra Qureshi Mentor :

Dr. Rekha Battalwar College: SVT College of Home Science, Juhu

Consolation Prize Paper code: C Title: “Depression, Stress and Anxiety in elderly.” Paper presenters:

    1. Dahodwala Zahra Mohammed
    2. Shaikh Faiza kalimuddin
    3. Naik Zaina Zia Ahmed
    4. Pawar Poonam Sampatrao Mentor:

Dr. Asha Menon College: Smt P N Doshi women's college, Ghatkopar

Shri. G. L. Javeri Department of Management Studies (BMS)
Research Paper Presentation Competition 2022 - 2023

Shri G. L. Javeri Department of Management Studies (BMS) organized 5th Research Paper Presentation Competition with the aim of preparing students for research studies. Research papers were invited from students of BMS department The theme of the year was “India Enterprising”. The competition consisted of two rounds, first submitting the research paper and second presentation of papers. Total 14 teams submitted research papers which were evaluated based on originality, clarity, organization and overall presentation. 9 teams were shortlisted for round two (presentation of papers). Second and final round of the competition was held in the college Auditorium on the April, 10, 2023. Dr. Purvy Karia and Dr. Nilesh Mhatre were invited as judges. Evaluation was based on knowledge of the topic, presentation skills, content, analysis, authenticity and teamwork. The top 3 teams received cash prizes and certificates. The details are as follows:

Prize Team Members Topic
First Ishika Mehta
Samiksha Takke
Siddhi Kalgutkar
Frugal Inventions
Second Priya Singh
Neha Gupta
Fariyal Khan
Women Entrepreneurship
Third Aysha Sayyed
Hajra Sayyed
Ayat Sayyed
Samiya Shaikh
Global Entrepreneurship

Department of Psychology Trishul:


In the context of the indisputable centrality of relationships in promoting psycho-social development, mental health and wellbeing, the department organized Under Graduate students’ research convention, Trishool 2023 on March 9, 2023. The theme was ‘Youth and relationships’. In all, students from eleven different colleges across Mumbai registered for the convention. Various dimensions of relationships focusing their substantial psychological and therapeutic intervention in order to promote societal welfare was empirically researched by budding psychologists. The presentations were judiciously assessed by Dr Neeta Mehta, Head and Associate Professor from Vaze college of Arts (Autonomous) and Dr Kavita Nikam, Assistant Professor, Smt. Devilaben Mehta Dept of PG Studies.