The word ‘Saanidhya’ denotes closeness, togetherness. It is an apt choice for the name of an alumni association that was initiated to bring together women from this institution – the recently graduated alumni - to keep alive their spirit of camaraderie, their desires and dreams and to ignite the same in the minds of those who had lost thread of their ambitions somewhere along their passage of life.

An institution that works to fulfill the mission of Empowerment of Women through Education,’ we found Saanidhya with the above said objective as a primary driving force. Many of our students belong to the under-privileged section and are first generation learners. Our institution has only sought to make them self-reliant. Fulfillment of such an objective is a great achievement in itself. So, any expectation of financial support from alumni for the college is only superficial and incidental. Some of our students, few and far between though, well-placed in life have generously recorded the contribution of this institution to their present status and offered donations of amounts that they can afford to.

The Committee meets twice a year and discusses issues as follows:

  • Motivate alumni to become members of ‘Saanidhya’
  • Create a feeling of oneness among the alumni
  • Provide platform to alumni for expressing their suggestions / feedback/ guidance
  • Make the members responsible for mutual well-being
  • Find out ways in which our institution can help the alumni in furthering their goals
  • Explore ways in which Alumni Association members can help the institution
  • Recognize achievers among alumni and reward them

The Alumni Association arranges Annual Get-togethers wherein our students put their best foot forward and present a veritable feast of cultural show to entertain the alumni. These get-to-gethers are also memorable events for alumni who have made a mark in their profession/hobbies; for, they are given Awards and Prizes by our Management. Yearly picnics are also arranged. They have a gala time in the Navratri Dandiya celebrations of our college. The alumni are invited to partake to our Annual Fanfare during Utsav Celebrations, derive knowledge by visiting our exhibitions and called upon to give support to any activity of the college drawing upon their talent and potential. Our alumni, most of them from conservative middle class families are slowly emerging out of their cocoons. We are sure that once they find themselves in the mainstream of activities of our Alumni Association, they will achieve great strides in their own life.