Our institute has incorporated skill oriented and value added, add-on courses to be opted by students as a parallel sub-discipline while pursuing their degree level education. The courses offered are inter-disciplinary in nature. There will be no water-tight compartments and the students will have the freedom to diversity into various fields not necessarily related with their core discipline.

1. Functional English:
The course covers different aspects of effective English Communication. It includes basic areas of communication such as correct pronunciation, training on linguistics, development of good vocabulary & language proficiency. The objective of this course is to enable students to acquire interview skills, presentation skills & Social etiquettes as well as to teach effective business communication. It will help students to gain confidence while communicating in English & provide good career opportunities in the desired field.

2. Computer training:
Compulsory training in basic computer skills is offered to all students across disciplines for effective use of ICT by students for project preparation and presentations with the help of well equipped computer laboratories with internet facility.

3. NET Programming:
Students will be able to understand, analyze and use basic C+ constructs, delegates and events. They can understand C+ documentation and community website. They can build interactive application using ASP.NET and C+.

4. Personal Grooming:
The course will impart training to students to remove stage fear, face the crowd, build confidence, improve presentation skills, and also to handle conflict. Students will learn to present themselves through various sessions.

5. Cyber security:
Cyber security course is available through degree programmes in BCA. Through their programme students learn how to identify security issues and protect information.

6. Creative Writing:
This Course enables students to improve writing skills by covering theoretical aspects such as Poetry-writing, Short Story Writing, Script Writing for T.V., Radio, Press, Web sites as well as editing & drafting editorial. The Objective of this course is to introduce creative aspects of English.

7. Accounting with Tally ERP 9:
This course will train students professionally by imparting practical knowledge of office Tools of Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and Tally ERP which will improve their effectiveness at workplace.

8. Animation:
This course will help students to learn sketching & graphics skills including digital graphics skills. which enhances skills in automy study, story boarding, 2D animation, audio & video editing. It also covers 3D animation & special effects.

9. Editing:
The objective of this course is to impart knowledge of editing which is the need of time for Mass Media students. Training of audio-video editing will be given to students.

10. Fancy Cooking:
This course trains students to cook and cater to small parties. This includes planning menus, costing and cooking. A student can cater to small parties after completing this course.

11. Chocolate Art:
The course trains the students to make different types of chocolates in different shapes and sizes, with filings, carving and laces. It also helps them to master in different types of attractive gift wrapping. A student can take orders for supplying chocolates as gift.

12. Nutrition, Health And Fitness Management:
The course aims to make students understand the basics of nutrition, the modifications in nutrient and dietary requirement for various diseases and plan suitable diets, and create awareness regarding fitness so that they can get gainful employment in the booming fitness industry. The course covers introduction to Nutrition Science, Nutrients, RDA and Balanced Diet, Nutritional Management in Health & Disease, Energy Balance & Healthy Body Weight, Essentials of Fitness & Training, Role of Nutritional Supplements and Ergogenic Aids, Fluid and Temperature Regulation in Physical Activity.

13. Android

14. Introduction to Quantitative Techniques

15. Research Methodology

16. MS Office