Research Projects (2010 to 2015)

Research Area / Topic
Minor Research (Completed)
Ms. Kusum Dharamshi The Impact of Mall on Kirana Stores in Mulund
Mr. Gunvantrai Rachch Social Audit of Rural Development Programme undertaken by Smt. P. N. Doshi Women’s College
Ms. Nilam Raval Himanshi Selat ni Vartao Ma Strinirupan
Ms. Poonam Singh An Analysis Of Socio- Economic Mobility of Jawahar And Mokhada Backward Talukas of Thane District
Ms. Amrita Behel Determinants of Age at Menarche-Diet & Body Composition
Dr. Ritu Bhatia Reproductive and Sexual Health of Adolescents
Dr. Ashok Salve Comparative Study Of Availability And Accessibility Of Clean Cooking Fuels And Its Effects On Fuel Wood Consumption in Village Mhaskal Tal. Kalyan And Village Kanvinde Tal. Shahapur Dist. Thane, Maharashtra State.
Major Research (Completed)
Dr. Leena Raje The Perimenarcheal Weight Gain Patterns/ Body Composition, Dietary Intake and Its Correlation to Age At Menarche
M. Phil (Completed)
Mr. Sachin Bhumbe Quest for Identity in Richard Klright’s Blackbay and P.I. Sonkamble’s Athavaniche Pakshi
Mr. Vinod Zalte Modes and Experiences of Migration in “The Autobiography of my Mother”, “Lucy” by Jamaica Kinkid
Mr. Raju Chauhan Commuters Satisfaction with Reference to Public Transport of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation
Ph.D (Completed)
Dr. Ashok Salve A Geographical Study of Agro-climatic Characteristics in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra State
Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay Bombay Baroda Central India Railway: Construction, Operation and its Impact in the Colonial Context (1852-1869)
Dr. Shyambabu Singh Bhaktikaalin Kavya Mein Stree
Dr. Poonam Singh An Analysis of Socio-Economic Problems of Underprivileged Section of Thane District with Special Reference to Inclusive Growth
Dr. Nimisha Kambli Consciousness, Subjectivity, Abstraction of Time: Phenomenological Investigation of Selected Novels by Kurt Vonnegut, John Fowels and Umberto Eco
Dr. Sachin Bhumbe Malevolence of Caste Tyranny and Struggle for Central Locus: A Study of Selected Dalit Autobiography
Ph.D (Ongoing)
Ms. Manisha Parelkar Comprehension of Nutrition Messages in Labeling and Their Effects on Consumer Behaviour
Ms. Shobha Bharat Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement of Pre-Adolescence as a Function of Parenting Styles
Ms Rekha Randive Characterization Study of INDION GS 300 (Nuclear Grade) and INDION FF-IP (Non-Nuclear Grade) ANION Exchange Resins
Mr. Vinod Zalte Eco-spirituality in the Novels of Louise Erdrich
Ms. Nidhi Dattani Physiological Effects of Weaving Heels : An Ergonomic Approach
Ms. Suchita Bhovar E-commerce of Horticulture Product with Special Reference to Cashews, Mango, Kokum in Sindhudurg District
Ms. Veena Shete Privatization of Aided Higher Education Institutions in Mumbai
Ms. Amrita Behel Nutrition and NCD’s
Ms. Shruti Verma A Critical Study to Manage Cyber Security in Information Technology Infrastructure: Its Analysis, Evaluation and Expectation
Ms. Kavita Nikam Work Life Balance and Organizational Citizenship Behavior as Concomitants of Organizational Ethics and Values: A Study of IT Sector Professionals
Ms. Geeta Jadhav Swatantryottar Marathi Natkatil Nayakache Swaroop (1947-1990 Ya Kalkhandatil Nivdak Natkanchya Aadhare)
Mr. Meet Shinde A Psychological Exploration of the Non-Dalits’ Scheme of Dalits and the Dalits Urban Experiences of Caste based Discrimination: A Grounded Theory Based Enquiry
Mr. Shivaji Methe A Psychological Analysis of the Protagonists of Shashi Deshpande
Ms. Savita Chavan Crystallizing Heteroglossia, Hybridization and Double Consciousness in select native American Narratives

Books Published:
Mrs. Sukhmany Roy authored translated works of Kabir into Marathi, “Sakhi Kabir” which is published by Padmagandha Prakashan.

Mrs. Sukhmany Roy edited and translated book “Travails of India” from Marathi edition of “Maza Pravas” authored by Vishnubhatji Godse which is published by Rohan prakashan for Asiatic Society of Mumbai.

The Department of Human Development Published a book titled “Rising to the Challenge: Unlocking Leadership Potential in School Age Children (A guide for Teachers/Parents), July 2016, Scholars Hub, New Delhi, ISBN: 81-8353- 289-6.

Shri. Gunvantrai Rachh (Co- author)

  • “Book-keeping and Accountancy Std.-XI” of Venus Publication, 2014
  • “Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper I, Financial Accounting of T.Y.B.Com”, ISBN 9788131731765 Pearson Education International Publication, 2010
  • “Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper II, Auditing and cost accounting of T.Y.B.Com”, ISBN 9788131731765 Pearson Education International Publication, 2010
  • “Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper III, Introduction to Management Accounting of T.Y.B.Com”, ISBN 9788131731482 Pearson education International Publication, 2010
  • “Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper V: Financial Accounting for T.Y.B.Com semester V” University of Mumbai, Vikas Publication, Delhi, 2014
  • “Financial Accounting at all India Level – Cost Accounting” Vikas Publication. ISBN 9789325983281, 2014
  • “Cost Accounting, Vikas Publication, Delhi ISBN 9789325983298, 2014
  • “Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper X: Introduction to Auditing, for T.Y.B.Com Semester VI” University of Mumbai, Vikas Publication, Delhi ISBN 9789385984417, 2014
  • “Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper IX: Cost Accounting- Methods and Techniques” for T.Y.B.Com semester VI, University of Mumbai, Vikas Publication, Delhi ISBN 9789325984400, 2014

Chapter in Books:
“Volatility in the Indian Stock Markets” published in book title “Contemporary Issues in Indian Society.” Vol – I”- ISBN-978-81-922913-0-7 in 2012-2013

Research Awards:
Research awards received by the faculty
Name of the faculty member Research Awards and Recognition Received
CA. Gunvantrai Rachchh Best Paper at 13th International Conference, organized by Research Development Association in Collaboration with Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Goa in September 2013
Dr. Madhumita Bandyopadhyay I prize for Best Paper at National Conference at Indira Institute of Business Management, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, in February 2014
Dr. Asha Menon I prize for Best Paper in Oral Presentation at the International Conference on Public Mental Health and Neurosciences in December 2014 at Bengaluru
Research awards received by the students
Name of the student Research Awards and Recognition Received
Ms. Twinkle Sachdev Best Paper award at National seminar on Contemporary Issues in Politics and Psychology in January 2014
Ms. Prajakta Shelar
Ms. Reshma Gaikwad
Ms. Pratima Kengar
Best Paper Presentation award at Trishool an Intercollegiate Undergraduate Research Convention in November 2014
First Team Prize Intercollegiate Competition on Research Paper Presentation organized by the Department of Economics, SNDTWU in August 2011

Other research areas:
Human development department has undertaken Industry Sponsor ed Ongoing Human Development Department Project.

Seminar / Workshops arranged

  • History Department organised Dr. Mani Kamerkar Memorial National Seminar on the theme “Social Transformation-A Historical Perspective” sponsored by ICHR on October 1, 2016. There were 75 participants from all over India.
  • Human Development Department organised a two day National Conference on "Dynamics of Family Relationship in the Contemporary World" on January 29 and 30, 2016 which included various interesting sessions encompassing all the aspects of family. This conference being multidisciplinary in nature provided a multi dimensional perspective on family relationship in the contemporary world.
  • Marathi Department organized national seminar on the topic ‘1990 Nunterche Marathi Strilikhit Sahitya’ on January 6 and 7, 2016 in collaboration with Marathi Adhyapak Sangh, SNDT Women’s University.
  • Psychology Department organized SAHAYOG 2015-16, the annual community outreach programme on December 16, 2015 on the theme ‘Sensitizing Students: Role of Teachers as Models’.
  • Commerce faculty organized a National Level Seminar on Smart Cities on December 11, 2015. Various issues such as technical aspects of the planning of Smart City, Town Planning, issues of Infrastructure and Environment, administrative perspective of the Smart cities and its implications, social aspects and implications of the smart cities etc. were covered by resource persons and 26 research papers were presented.
  • Department of Mass Media organized a workshop on Regional Journalism on October 3, 2015 with the objective of giving knowledge of working of print media in regional languages. Experts from the print media from the respective regional languages were invited to impart knowledge and information of contemporary regional media.
  • Our Economics department regularly participates in International Economic Convention organized by HSNC Board.
  • Out psychology department regularly arranges student’s research paper presentation competition Trishul.